Face to Face Meeting

At your business premises, local business hub, community centre or meeting venue

Session time: minimum two hours



After our initial telephone consultation to discuss your business support needs, a preferred method of communication will be agreed and a package of support outlining the area of business advice needed and the frequency of session required. A suitable access method will also be considered and arranged to suit your business needs.


The amount of business support you require will ultimately depend on what you need help with. To achieve maximum benefit from the advice, guidance and support I offer, regular advice sessions, forward planning actions and reviewing progress are more beneficial than one off appointments. Regular support sessions can also be accessed via telephone or email if 1-2-1 meetings are not convenient.


As well as providing advice and guidance, I will also undertake other tasks on your behalf, to assist with the development of your business plans, this may include desktop studies, planning and research, online, offline or via telephone.


My business support services are available Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 6.30pm and can be accessed via telephone, skype, email or face to face meetings.

In the first instance, contact me on 07906 477931 to discuss your business needs.

Email Support

A convenient and accessible way to access business advice while you work.  

Session time: minimum one hour 

Telephone or Skype

Ideal for review sessions, along with face to face meetings.

Session time: minimum one hour