To find out more about my business support services have a read through the details below bearing in mind, the role of an Adviser is very bespoke and no two businesses are the same. If you would like to discuss your business needs and discover how I can help, contact me on: 07906 477931


Start-up Support  

Developing a new business can be a very daunting experience. Understanding all the relevant business matters you need to consider, essential research, planning and preparation can be quite overwhelming. The help of a Business Adviser working alongside you, helping to research, plan and prioritise tasks whilst offering advice and guidance along the way, can make your business start-up journey a stress free process. Having worked with many start-up`s over the years, from a variety of sectors, I can offer advice and guidance to support you through this crucial stage of business development.


Advice and Guidance

A business sounding board! An opportunity to talk through ideas and plans, concerns and issues affecting your business. Whether its research, planning or other professional services you need, talking things through with an Adviser can be a really useful experience. I offer advice and guidance on what to do next and help with professional recommendations.

1-2-1 Business Coaching

There are many professionals who offer advice on a specific area of your business, such as accounting, legal, marketing and employment but tying all these essential elements together, so they work with your overall plan, can be challenging. A Business Coach will help you consider all aspects of your business activity and how each element should evolve to achieve your overall business growth objectives. 

Marketing Support

Whether your business is about providing a service, manufacturing products, selling online or on the high street, to survive, thrive and compete in your sector, marketing is essential.  Sending the right message to your customers that you are open for business is crucial to success. Figuring out the best way to get your business message out there, can be a tricky and time consuming process. I will help you identify the right marketing solutions, attracting an audience for your business online and offline and support you and your business with essential marketing activities including:


  • Setting up and managing social media

  • Creating flyers, leaflets and posters

  • Website development including content and design

  • Business launch, event planning and promotions


A Marketing Plan

An essential document that records research, preparation and actions to help your business achieve success through marketing. Creating a plan that works for your business can be a time consuming and challenging process. My marketing support will create a strategy tailored to your business needs.

To discuss your business marketing needs contact me on 07906 477931. 

Business Planning

Nearly all businesses will have been tasked with the challenge of writing a business plan at some stage in their development process. Knowing what template to use, content to include and research to complete, are just a few of the essential tasks needed to create a comprehensive business plan. Most importantly, your business plan should provide you with a “roadmap to success”. It should demonstrate, not just what you are going to achieve but how you are going to get there.

If you need a business plan, whether it`s for a start-up idea, new product or service development or to support a funding application, contact me on: 07906 477931 to discuss your needs.


Funding and Application Support

Whether you need finance for a start-up, business growth or expansion, accessing funding can be a frustrating process. There are several different funding streams available to businesses today, from low interest finance to crowdfunding and grants, understanding what they all offer and which funding opportunity is the right for your business can be a real challenge.

Crucially to apply for any funding you will need a thorough business plan, cashflow forecast and annual projection. This documented financial strategy should identify your initial funding needs and the financial growth and sustainability of your business.

I will help you explore the world of funding, identify the right opportunity for your business and assist you through the application process.

Project Development

From objective to outcome, I can work with you, your business or organisation to ensure your project meets its objective. Assisting through all stages of project development from design, research and planning through to delivery, implementation and evaluation. This service is available to all, individuals, businesses, community groups and organisations.

If you have an existing or future project planned and are in need of some guidance or development advice contact me on 07906 477931 or email me:

Business in Cumbria

As well as a number of years’ experience advising start-up and existing businesses across all sectors of industry, my work has predominantly been focused in Cumbria. I am happy to share my on the ground knowledge of business development opportunities across the region, including networking, funding and public sector services, to help your business compete in the Cumbrian sector.